Upgrade Zorin OS

You will need…


A computer capable of running Zorin OS. View system requirements

USB drive

A USB flash drive with enough capacity for your Zorin OS copy:


An external hard drive or cloud storage for backup. (optional)

Download your new copy of Zorin OS.

If you haven't already downloaded your new copy of Zorin OS, you will need to get it from the Download page to proceed.

It's recommended to download Zorin OS using the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome without any third-party download managers. This helps avoid corrupting the file.

ISO sha256 checksum
Zorin OS 15.1 Core 64-bit 39ddfeb72dfc9cd22ed007a3cc16d4b949ef76365a4f7c381eedd01fbd639180
Zorin OS 15.1 Ultimate 64-bit 6ee349d1a7f9854cbc802ecce4cb453aaf985d23a61ddf40b57ffb6932a373d9
Zorin OS 15.1 Education 64-bit a1c1adaa5809ec80baf3a7bc997df9560a860e794f38f405a3ae386a9b521b27
Zorin OS 15.1 Lite 64-bit dbf629913c291143ad3d8b520bc070dbaafff66716d4cf3d73f284a879809df2
Zorin OS 15.1 Lite 32-bit 718794aaec77ce227d618ec51f32f1bdff6c0d4d7c92fe38d4990dd9a15427a5
Zorin OS 15.1 Ultimate Lite 64-bit 0229c927538cdcafc9708a242009a646e51be9f63e70ace697e99f9380296fb2
Zorin OS 15.1 Ultimate Lite 32-bit c1108f3afdeebdfa2936fdabd270795c164fb398df27ee30450070eae9d166ee
Zorin OS 15.1 Education Lite 64-bit 1ba9477b3bab8685726bff78d4ecde97d1c92e421f7aee129b879f709264f2b9
Zorin OS 15.1 Education Lite 32-bit 851c60cf5918a0432d38aaefae2a1a6209d1bc1c7dc087ff131d75db4f654da5

Back up your data.

Please back up your important data and files to an external hard drive or cloud storage service. After upgrading Zorin OS, you will be able to copy this data to your new installation.

Create an Install Drive.

To create an Install Drive of Zorin OS, you will need your USB flash drive and an app called balenaEtcher.

Download balenaEtcher

  1. Insert the USB flash drive into your computer.
  2. Open balenaEtcher and press "Select image" to choose your downloaded Zorin OS ".iso" file. balenaEtcher
  3. balenaEtcher should automatically select your USB drive, but please make sure that it has selected the correct drive.
  4. Press "Flash!" to begin writing Zorin OS to the USB flash drive. balenaEtcher press Flash!
  5. After a few minutes, the USB flash drive will be ready for booting into Zorin OS.

Boot from the Install Drive.

In order to upgrade Zorin OS, you must boot your computer from the USB Install Drive.

  1. Make sure that the written USB Install Drive is plugged into your computer.
  2. Switch the computer on.
    • On a PC. Immediately upon startup, press the indicated key repeatedly to open the Boot Menu. If you are unsure which key to press, it is usually either Esc, F12 or another function key. From the Boot Menu, select the option with "USB" in its title to boot from the Install Drive.
    • On a Mac. Immediately upon startup, press and hold the Option key. Now, select the USB Install Drive as the boot drive. Sometimes the Install Drive might be incorrectly identified as "Windows", which is normal.
  3. You should now see the Zorin OS welcome menu. Please use the keys to select "Check installation medium for defects" and press Enter to verify that your USB Install Drive is ready to use. Welcome menu
  4. After running the check, select the "Try or Install Zorin OS" option from the Zorin OS welcome menu.
    • If you have a modern NVIDIA graphics card. You can select the "Try or Install Zorin OS (modern NVIDIA drivers) " in order to boot and install with the official NVIDIA proprietary graphics drivers.
      Note: The NVIDIA version 440 proprietary drivers are used.

Prepare your Hard Drive Partition

To upgrade your Zorin OS installation, you must free the space on your hard drive which is currently reserved for your current installation of Zorin OS.

  1. Please click the "Try Zorin OS" option in order to use the full Zorin OS desktop and partition the hard drive correctly. Installer
  2. As soon as you reach the new Zorin OS desktop, open the partitioning app by clicking on the Zorin Menu and going to "System Tools" > "GParted".
  3. In the partition list, right-click on the "linux-swap" partition and select "Swapoff".
  4. Right-click again on the "linux-swap" partition and select "Delete".
  5. Your current installation of Zorin OS should be present on an "ext4" partition. Right click on it and select to "Delete" it as well.
  6. Press the button at the top of the app to apply these changes.
  7. After the changes have been applied, please close the GParted app.

Install your New Copy of Zorin OS.

Complete the installation of your new copy of Zorin OS.

  1. Double click on the "Install Zorin OS 15" icon on the desktop and follow the on-screen instructions to start the installation.
  2. When prompted, please connect to the Internet (if possible) in order to make sure all necessary software is downloaded during the installation process.
  3. You should reach a step titled "Installation type".
    • If you have another operating system installed on your computer (dual boot). Select the "Install Zorin alongside [your other operating system] " option and press "Next" to use the newly-created free space on the hard drive for the new installation of Zorin OS.
    • If you only have Zorin OS installed on your computer. Select the "Erase disk and install Zorin" option and press "Install Now".
  4. Continue following the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Copy your data to the new installation of Zorin OS.

After restarting into your new installation of Zorin OS, you may now copy the data from your previous installation of Zorin OS. Transfer the files you saved to your external hard drive or cloud storage service onto your new installation.