Install Zorin OS

Download Zorin OS

If you haven't already downloaded your copy of Zorin OS, you will need to get it from the Download page to proceed. It is recommended to download Zorin OS using the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox, without any third-party download managers in order to avoid file corruption.

We would recommend you to check the System Requirements to make sure you're installing the right edition of Zorin OS for your computer.

Back Up your Data

Make sure to back up your important data and files to an external hard drive or cloud storage service. Installing a new operating system might overwrite your data.

Verify your Download

It is an important, but optional step to verify that your copy of Zorin OS has been downloaded fully and correctly. By verifying that the checksum of your downloaded file matches the correct one, you can be sure that your copy of Zorin OS is not corrupted.

You will need an app called "QuickHash" to verify the checksum.

  1. Open the file browser to find the downloaded .zip file beginning with "QuickHash" in the Downloads folder.
  2. Extract the contents of this .zip file and open its folder.
  3. Double click on the appropriate executable file to open the app.
    • On Windows or Linux:
      Open the executable with "x64" in its name if your computer is 64 bit compatible.
      Otherwise, open the executable with "x86" in its name.
  4. Navigate to the "Files" tab and select the radio button titled "SHA256" in the "Hash Algorithm" pane on the left.
  5. Click "Select File" and navigate to your Downloads folder to select your copy of Zorin OS. The verification should begin automatically. Please note that this process may take a few minutes.
  6. Once complete, the checksum should appear in the box underneath the file name.

If the generated checksum matches the one for your download file of Zorin OS, you may proceed to the next step.

Zorin OS 12.3 Core 64 bitd6910c0d22c468002723fb0ae7caf212be01ee23e47873f921b981efa80ba094
Zorin OS 12.3 Core 32 bit34116c0e726e0982a694a233a22598e50b76d6639a1c843e856ff34360c0aeb8
Zorin OS 12.3 Ultimate 64 bitb003667bb8d0879d162363cc4065805523c28140752c85831406c32731f031b8
Zorin OS 12.3 Ultimate 32 bitaf5899ad5d260d0b28ffd0699cf0f7c3259341bd4b5c789da957793497005487
Zorin OS 12.3 Business 64 bit53f555304716b27aef0f8392da43a0071bbb140eb5499083a5b240a02c6ff5e5
Zorin OS 12.3 Business 32 bit9034f1fe6996c3bf3e1507d619fbb6fcc029eb85f8e0467ddcdb0527f6407015
Zorin OS 12.3 Education 64 bit6cafab98b6c84bbd5ac1301d72a5d27a93a529886ddfdb1f1e765182864faeea
Zorin OS 12.3 Education 32 bit3723710029d2a417b02af5acafdc2cf6cfc79f329914aab961f7602d803b723a
Zorin OS 12.3 Lite 64 bit29d8aaf040a7d9eeb15b416ad425efc36cc3e28e993a470edf1e71249cfba683
Zorin OS 12.3 Lite 32 bit426974c3bdf6b6764f59c59a651b2be29d8c86348a04c73014bb2ea4b21719f3
Zorin OS 12.3 Lite Ultimate 64 bit84ad1f2a7ecac7ffa4e737a1149fb993e05b2c737e7a78dc19acf30bc3b62bc0
Zorin OS 12.3 Lite Ultimate 32 bitbfc81b1c33d35629180b3b0acff5de4908fb107945b8bcb1a93043b6a9fb400a
Zorin OS 12.3 Lite Business 64 bit2d0d84b1c67bcab96a3655205557c370eb491709dcd2e54ae8052746305ac98a
Zorin OS 12.3 Lite Business 32 bit6d66167cccedc836e499816316a1a09b9e187820b19e5de24da9b08de6f14794
Zorin OS 12.3 Lite Education 64 bit516ff4ce84dcacce2e420b46a25ab55b5087f33b0565fc4d3c9aff47912f5c3f
Zorin OS 12.3 Lite Education 32 bitb76a2a305a070ce6e8b4a1e221a9ba0975ebec0dcc22b30f1b02336801e5f3dd

If the generated checksum does not match the correct one above, your file has likely been corrupted during the download process. Please try downloading your copy of Zorin OS again.

Create an Install Drive

To create an install drive of Zorin OS, you will need a USB drive and an app called "Etcher".

  • Zorin OS 12 Ultimate
    You will need a USB drive with a capacity of at least 8 GB.
  • Zorin OS 12 Business or Education
    You will need a USB drive with a capacity of at least 3 GB.
  • Zorin OS 12 Core
    You will need a USB drive with a capacity of at least 2 GB.
Download Etcher
  1. Insert the USB drive into your computer.
  2. Open Etcher and press "Select image" to your downloaded Zorin OS ".iso" file. Etcher
  3. Etcher should automatically select your USB drive, but make sure that it has selected the correct drive.
  4. Press "Flash!" to begin writing Zorin OS to the USB drive. Etcher press Flash!
  5. After a few minutes, the USB drive will be ready for booting into Zorin OS. Etcher flash complete

Boot from the Install Drive

In order to install Zorin OS, you must boot your computer from the USB install drive.

  1. Make sure that the written USB install drive is plugged into your computer.
  2. Switch the computer on.
    • On a PC:
      Immediately upon startup, press the indicated key repeatedly to open the Boot Menu. If you are unsure about which key to press, it is usually either Esc, F12 or another function key. From the Boot Menu, select the option with "USB" in its title to boot the install drive.
    • On a Mac:
      After you hear the startup chime, press and hold the Option key. Now, select the USB install drive as the boot drive. Sometimes the install drive might be incorrectly identified as "Windows", which is normal.
  3. After a moment, you should see the Zorin OS welcome screen. You may choose to start installing Zorin OS directly or try Zorin OS before starting the installation.

Install your New Copy of Zorin OS

Complete the installation of your new copy of Zorin OS.

  1. Connect to the Internet (if possible) in order to make sure all necessary software is downloaded during the installation process.
  2. Double click on the desktop icon titled "Install Zorin OS" and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. You should reach a step titled "Installation type".
    • If you want to keep your current operating system installed alongside Zorin OS:
      Select the "Install Zorin alongside [your other operating system]" option and press "Next" to choose how much space to allocate to Zorin OS.
    • If you only want to have Zorin OS installed on your computer:
      Select the "Erase disk and install Zorin" option and press "Install Now".
  4. Continue following the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.