Zorin OS 10 Core Release Candidate

Download Information

This is a pre-release version of Zorin OS 10 Core.
Please take note that there may be some bugs in the Release Candidate which will be corrected in the final version.
For the full installation instructions please click here.
We hope that you will enjoy this Release Candidate and please contact us if you notice a bug or would like to see a change in the final version.

MD5sum:                      1b6c75191be86c3d2ba41efc7f6b9e20     |    7e0651c89bb3ec64989648109eeaaed8

Disclaimer: Zorin OS includes some software (e.g. media codecs etc.) for countries whose legislation doesn't allow software patents to be enforced. It is your responsibility to know your own country's legislation. If you live in a country where the legislation recognizes software patents we ask you not to download this software.